The Operator

In 1977,I started on the age of 12 with a very small president radio (AM). After about 1 year I moved into SSB on 11 meters with a yagi on the roof of my parents home. Till 1985, I used to be active on SSB and talked to many stations around the world. Then I resigned from the ether due to other priorities. After living many years abroad, I returned to The Netherlands a few years ago. In September 2018 I decided that it was time to get back on the air again and signed up to the exam and passed 2 months later.

License type : F(ull) License
Married and father of 5 and working as a IT Manager.

Thanks for the visit and 73, PA4R

The Equipment


BaseStation HF:

YAESU FTDX 10 Transceiver

ACOM 600S Linear Amplifier

80-10m : HyEndFed 8 Band

20-10m : Delta-Loop



YAESU FT-710 Transceiver

40-20-10m : HyEndFed 3 Band

Diamond Mobiles

Hustler Mobiles

MFJ-2286 5m vertical



HF 10m to 160m bands

Voice & Digital