Common Configuration Issues

During support of many OM's we have seen some common misconfigurations. Please check those when have trouble configuring the software. If you still need help, always sent Logfile, ConfigFile and QSL base image.

  • Google has decided to enable 2-factor authentication (MFA) on selected accounts. When you did not use 2-factor before, it will suddenly stop sending your emails. Please check Google Account settings and disable or start using an App-Password. Please see documentation PDF.
  • Resulting eQSL Image does NOT show any data/text from the QSO data. Please check if your image is 1700x1300px. Newest versions of the software check for resolution.
  • Update eMail Address does not work. EmailAddresses are not retrieved from QRZ. Please check if you have a (basic) paid subscription with QRZ. QRZ does not return all information when using a free account. In this case, you can only manually update the emailaddress in your database of Adif file.
  • I enter correct SMTP settings but email does not go through. Please check your antivirus settings. Some antivirus programs block SMTP outgoing from the software.  Known issues with: AVAST, NORTON. Disable scanning of outgoing SMTP and try again.
  • I can login to QRZ page with my credentials but the QRZ Sync button still turns red. Some special characters (like #) are causing wrong behaviour on the QRZ API. Please try to use a different password eliminating (#)
  • I do not have Adobe Photoshop to create a QSL base image. You can use a free online tool and open the template (QSLCardTemplate.psd) provided in the download ->
  • eMail's are sent but the eQSL card is missing. Norton Anti-Virus sometimes blocks the access to the create eQSL image for data protection. Check your Norton activity history is this is the case. You can exclude QslCreator process from Norton.