HAMTOOLS (12k+ downloads as of 15 March 2022)

report any issues/bugs to my QRZ email address !! Please check CHECK FAQ and Documentation first.

HamTools consists currently of the following tools:

  • Fast QRZ lookup
  • UDP Forwarder
  • Digital QSL Creator
  • Adif Extender

Check the About window in one of the applications to check if you have latest version

Use the export and import function for settings when moving versions :

  1. Export Settings on your current version
  2. Re-import your settings on the new version
  3. Check Settings as new options might have been added !

When you have questions or remarks about the software provide, please contact me through the email address found on QRZ


Issues/Ideas/Comments? – Please contact me by email address on QRZ


New version will be announced via this website and Twitter



Some people reported a crash on windows with 3.5.6, In case you have issues, please try 3.5.5
I will investigate the issue after I come back from my travels end of August 2022


Frequently Asked Questions : FAQ

QSL Creator

Qsl Creator is a small application that will work together with HRDlog or ADIF files to create digital QSl cards based on the log data, image template(s) and email template.

HRD Setup:


ADIF Setup:


Features current version  :

  • Support for HRD with MySQL/Mariadb and Access Database.
  • Support for N1MM - SQLite database
  • Support for ADIF Files from other logging programs.
  • Support for LOG4OM(2) with default SQLite Database.
  • Support for multiple sender callsigns (prefix and postfix)
  • Email :
    • Use custom template for Body text/html including links.
    • Use custom template for Subject text.
    • Custom tags for use in email body and subject
      • <OM> Callsign of your contact.
      • <MYCALL> Your call sign used.
      • <MODE> Mode
      • <SUBMODE> SubMode used (FT4)
      • <FREQ> Frequency
      • <RPTS> Sent Report
      • <RPTR> Received Report
      • <BAND> Band used
      • <BANDRX> RX Band used
      • <PROPMODE> Propagation mode and SATNAME if PROPMODe=SAT
      • <DATETIME> Date and Time (UTC)
      • <OPTOUT> Link to OptOut of future emails
    • Send eQSL by email automatically (Needs SMTP account)
  • eQSLCard
    • Create jpg eQSl card image based on image template (example psd file included)
    • Prepare images for correct resolution and banner addition. (Easy for people without Photoshop or image editor)
    • Custom QSL Message
    • Choice of colors for text on QSL Image.
  • Email updates from QRZ
    • Updates QSO without email address with emailaddress found on QRZ  ( Needs minimal a XML Logbook Data Subscription )
  • Configuration
    • Import/export configurations
    • Much more configuration and error checking added in V3+
  • Automation
    • UDP Listener which will automattically create and sent eQSL based on new entry in Database of HRD. (UDP QSO Fowarding HRD)


Supported platforms.

  • Windows 7 SP1 and above



  1. When using Access Database option. If you do not have Microsoft Access installed, please download and use/install (32bit version) of the Microsoft Access Database Engine before running the application.  https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=13255
  2. if you do not already have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 or above installed, please find the download here : https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework/net472
  3. To see the HRD log updates in HRD (marked as QSL Sent and Emailaddress updates, please use the REFRESH button in HRD Log application)
  4. I build these applications for my own use. If you have remarks/ideas or problems using the software, drop me an email and I will try to help you out.
  5. When you use Gmail, make sure you enable access through https://myaccount.google.com/lesssecureapps




Adif Extender

Adif Extender is a small application that can be used to ammend/extend a Adif log file with some additional data from QRZ

Features current version  :

Parse Adif file and add missing information from QRZ and create new adif file with complete info.

  • Name
  • eMail
  • Address Info
  • Latitude & Longitude
  • CQZone
  • Grid
  • ITU




QRZ Lookup

QRZ Lookup is a small and quick QRZ lookup application.
I use this next to my other applications but this helps me find to whom I am talking to very easy and quick.
To use it you will need an account with QRZ with lookup capabilities.

QSO Forwarder

This small application tries to provide a simple solution for the follow cases:

  1. Automatically forward/log QSO info from a UDP broadcast to QRZ and other Online Logs
    1. QRZ
    2. Clublog
    3. HRDNET
    4. eQSL
    5. Other Logging systems accepting UDP message with ADIF content. (Currently only Adif format supported)
  2. Forward one UDP broadcast to two UDP listeners.
  3. Or a combination from the two above.

Those options are also available in other applications/suites but this will be a small and simple application for those looking for an easy solution or have the need to broadcast to more then one UDP directly.

Most simple use is the logging directly from WSJT-X to QRZ.com logbook using

case 1:

Install Software (unpack zip and run setup)

Open WSJT-X and set the UDP Broadcast to a port of your choice.

For Example

  • IP Address : (Local Machine)
  • Port : 11005

Start Log Forwarder and select Settings

  • Enter the port selected in WSJT-X into the listen on port 
  • Enter the API Key from your QRZ.com logbook (see settings on your QRZ logbook)
  • Save and Exit settings page

You should be ready to go.

Other option of the application is to use the UDP forwarder separately or in combination.



After successful setup, set trace-level to desired level.


If you want to be informed when new versions or update become available, subscripe here