80m band endfed

Limit space 80m band

Building a 80m band endfed with limited length of 20m

After buying a Endfed buidl-it-yourself set, I did not like the result while the results that I have with the MFJ 1982 and the MFJ 1984 where extremely well.

So I decided to use the wire that came with the set and build the 1:49 transformer myself in a bigger case and accoording the design of the MFJ transformer.

I bought:

  • New case, bigger and better.
  • Ferrit Ring FT240-43
  • 2.5mm Electric wire.
  • Some bolts and Nuts
  • Condensators 220pf / 5kv (still to be arriving and added but works well without too)

The Measurements that you see are from the antenna laying on the ground of my shack.

And re-used the antenna wire with the following specs :

1:49 Trafo connected to -> 20,4 Meter wire -> 170 turns of 0,5mm winding wire on a 19mm PVC tube ->2,5 m antenna wire. (see picture)

Resulting in a endfed upto 80m band with limited 23m length.