Qsl Creator :

  • Added ability to add Callsign(s) to ignore list. (Some HamRadio Amateurs do not like to recieve eQSl. You can add their callsign to the ignore list and they will be skipped in future qso's processing)



Qsl Creator Adif:

  • Added ability to disable export of results
  • Added check for import and export file pointing to same file




Qrz Lookup:

  • Added Calculation of Bearing
  • Minor updates to mainscreen layout





  • Next to the current support for General SMTP, GMAIL Smtp (with name/pw or App code)  support added for
    • Yahoo smtp
    • Office365 smtp
  • Added Throttling to email sending to be able to limit the amount of emails sent as bulk. (delay sending emails for X seconds every X emails)
  • Added buttons to select folder/images
  • Added full support for undocumented feature RECV on email and image
  • Added search on Callsign option in Adif select records window
  • Added Option to enable or disable Freq/Band on QslCard
  • Added option to manually edit email in Select Window after Adif import.
  • Issue resolved wrong date conversion on high volume database based QSO records
  • Issue resolved with HRD having on 32 characters limit for email address.
  • Issue resolved with HRD having on 128 characters limit for fullname.
  • Issue resolved where Callsign could not be found and follow Adif Spec 3.x advise now.
  • General code refactoring to prepare for the next set of requirements.
  • Updating documentation and include SMTP setting examples for the supported versions.
  • Issue resolved where export file needed to exist.
  • Improved Settings Checker with
    • Image type and Dimensions Check
    • SMTP Access Check (SSL,Name,PW)


  • Issue resolved where export file needed to exist.